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"I have known David Garic for over 30 years.  He was an outstanding officer in the United States Army and today is an equally outstanding leader developer.  David continues to work on the leading edge of leadership development and his latest work, "The Leaders Playbook" is a must read for all managers/leaders!" 


Don Isbell

Colonel, USA (ret)

"David Garic is a first-rate leader developer.  Having worked with him at West Point, I had a birds-eye view of his creative and hard-hitting approaches to moving people from good to great in their leadership capabilities.  Doing the tough work of people and team improvement comes naturally to David and an organization couldn't invest its time and money any more wisely than by reaching out to him.  Do you want better leaders?  Call David!"

Harry Griffith
Vice President, Human Resources
Industrial Scientific Corporation

“David Garic’s ideas and methods for teaching ordinary people to be leaders are invaluable.  He explodes all the myths and gives you real world tools you can use in your office every day.  Check out his website.  Better yet, hire him to coach the leaders in your company, like I did!  It was totally worth every penny and minute of our time.”

Angela O'Byrne, AIA
CEO, Perez, APC

“Not only can David lead, he teaches leaders how to lead.  I’ve seen him do both very well.”

Tom Charron
Sallyport Global Holdings, Inc

"David Garic is one of those rare individuals who possess a wealth of real-world management experience and insights coupled with exceptional teaching and communication skills.  He is a mentor’s mentor."

Paul Forbes, MA

Professional Development Institute
School of Continuing Studies
Tulane University

"I find David's site a great resource for me as a leader/manager.  I have already put in place several of his guidelines in the Taking Charge series in The Playbook."

Terrell F. Fisher
Associate VP
Marketing and Communications
Loyola University New Orleans

"David's leadership skills and ability to create a space for others to benefit from his knowledge is superior to any other resource I've seen. Knowing how to lead is a great skill but to teach others to do the same with integrity and passion is what my experience with David has always been."


Angela Guidroz

"David’s leadership abilities, crafted consulting methods, and conflict/resolution approach brought our managerial team’s leadership skills to their full potential."


Mark F. Schneider, CEO
Schneider Paper Products, Inc.

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